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My Online Calisthenics Training program is customised around your:

  • Main goals
  • Time you are able to commit to training
  • Background/experience with training

It includes one-on-one online training sessions with me (Calisthenics coach and athlete for more than 8 years), using just your own bodyweight!

This program is suitable for:

  • COMPLETE BEGINNERS, who want to get in touch with the art of Calisthenics
  • EXPERIENCED ATHLETES, who want to advance or master their Calisthenics skills

Following my program you will get stronger, more flexible and learn to better control your body, throughout movements like the handstand, L-sit and various body levers!

Calisthenics training is highly neurological, so you need to start with greater frequency and a moderate intensity, in order to train your body and nervous system to get used to the new movements.

Are you ready to unlock your body’s true potential?

I help ORDINARY people achieve EXTRAORDINARY things!

Calisthenics Nerd

Are you ready for a

FREE online class?

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