Scapula – The Secret of Calisthenics

I wish I was aware of the importance of scapulas, when I first started body weight training… The reason is that, you can’t improve as a Calisthenics athlete without having complete scapular control. Hence, this post is dedicated to this hidden area of strength, called scapula. I say “area of strength” in view of the […]

A High Intensity – Low Frequency Approach to Calisthenics Training

There is a high intensity – low frequency (HILF) approach to Calisthenics training, gaining followers over the years. People claim to have really good results, both in terms of strength and skills, training as rarely as once per week! Let’s break it down and see what the fuss is all about. What does high intensity […]

How to Lose Fat – The Most Efficient Way

Fat is seriously harmful, not only for your looks and body composition, but most importantly for your health. It is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions. Also, obesity is the single most frequent underlying condition, associated with COVID-19 deaths. So, people with excess fat are generally at […]

5 Bodyweight Exercises For Bigger Triceps

If you think that if you wand bigger and stronger triceps, your only option is weights, you are totally wrong. With the help of Calisthenics and the resistance provided by your own body weight, you can achieve your goals, in terms of muscle size and strength. Having strong triceps is crucial for achieving a lot […]

Pull Up Bar Workout – 20 Exercises For All Your Muscle Groups

There are cases where, a pull up bar is all people have to train with. Usually when traveling or being stuck at home. But worry not! You can still get a great workout in and build solid muscle, with just a pull up bar! Using Calisthenics and your own bodyweight you can target a great […]

Calisthenics Mobility Routine – 7 Key Exercises

Mobility and flexibility are crucial for maintaining a healthy body. Both will improve and stabilise the range of motion of your joints and muscles. They will also improve your posture and body awareness, reducing pains and imbalances at the same time. In Calisthenics being mobile and able to move freely, will allow you to maximise […]

Chest Workout Without Weights – The 4 Exercises You Really Need

Your chest muscles (Pectoral muscles) are among the most powerful muscles of your upper body and an essential part of a good physique. Most people think that you need to lift heavy to build a bigger chest. Lifting weights will definitely help, but you can also build mass and size using Calisthenics and your own […]

How Fast Do You Lose Muscle After Stoping Working Out?

Muscle loss is a really complex process. Simply put, it is an ongoing tug-of-war, between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown, where the muscle protein breakdown side starts to win gradually. How quickly that tug-of-war turns in favour of muscle loss, first depends on just how little you’re doing physically. Scientific evidence tells us […]

How to L-Sit – The Beginners guide

The L sit is a Calisthenics body position, in which all body weight rests on the hands, with the torso held in a slightly forward-leaning orientation, with legs held horizontally so that each leg forms a nominal right-angle with the torso. The right-angle causes the body to have a notable “L” shape, hence the name “L-sit”. The L-sit is […]

How to Improve your Posture – The Ultimate Guide

Good posture plays a vital role in your long-term health. We’ve been told our whole lives to sit up straight, or we will end up with tight muscles and a ruined spine for the rest of our life. Well, the reality is that optimal posture isn’t straight or fixed, it’s dynamic! The main problem we […]


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